S.T.L. Emergency Skills Training has placed a great focus on improving the resources, safety and health awareness of our communities while being a prominent support system with accessibility to a significant amount of resources for training, information, and services.

With our main focus on the needs of our communities and surrounding businesses. We are determined to provide the most current up-to-date training and services that bring exposure to vital emergency skills training and health awareness. These things are needed MOST in our communities.

Our beliefs are that the needed resources and training should be economical, unequivocally feasible, and easily attainable to meet the very needs of those we train and provide services to.

Individually we want every client, participant, student, patient and affiliate not just to experience the typical “treatment” but to walk away with the experience and knowledge given, to recycle the skills and services we provide. Imagine how that family member or neighbor that is trained will be able to return that same aid if it were ever needed.  

S.T.L. Emergency Skills Training was started with the passion of providing emergency skills training and health awareness to raise the value and quality of life within our communities and local businesses. Most training and resources are shunned in many communities because of the lack of means, the inflated expenses, including the ever changing industry of emergency skills and healthcare, so there is not a consistent update of training, materials and resources available.

Our foundation, S.T.L. Emergency Skills Training, has been established on Trust, Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Customer Service. In addition, concentrating on providing skilled trainers to present uncomplicated training sessions, practical teachings to individuals and for all local business and corporations.

Our goal is to take your training courses, present them successfully and make them affordable by providing high-quality services and products at an exceptional value. We want to earn your business with our very valuable services, products and inexpensive prices. This will help preserve your business with our excellent customer service. S.T.L. Emergency Skills Training will contribute to each individual and business invaluable skills and resources with solid results for your emergency skills and health awareness training and product needs.

Our network of resources, products, and information includes healthcare, fire and law enforcement agencies, as well as large and small businesses, schools, universities, childcare centers, adult in-home and centered facilities, government agencies, community organizations, individual instructors and more.

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In case of an emergency please dial 911