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My name is Queen Malik. I am the founder of S.T.L. (Saving Their Lives) Emergency Skills Training LLC. a premier emergency skills training company with prominent locations in Georgia, Illinois and Georgia (we also travel & train nationwide). I have an extensive passion for building & equipping our communities with the resources we need, in the event of an emergency. Not just individuals being able to identify life threatening emergencies, but to actually saving lives and lower the mortality rate in our communities. 


I take great pride in the 20 years that I have spent serving as an emergency healthcare provider. Starting out as a passion for myself, working my way up, to my most recent joy as a Licensed Instructor and Director. 


My background includes: Level 1 Trauma Centers (Emergency Departments), Intensive Care Units, Cardiology with extensive Knowledge of Electrocardiograms & Arrhythmia's, FEMA - Emergency Management Institute (EMI) | National Disaster/Preparedness Training, Opioid Crisis/Interventions...just to name a few experiences.  


Question, have you ever been placed in a position or has an unforeseen circumstance come about where CPR or another life saving skill was needed and you couldn’t figure out where to begin to help save someone's life? Are you tired of witnessing people in your community not survive because those around aren’t equipped with the necessities to react in a timely manner in any type of emergency situation? Have you been properly trained on the measures to take or items needed in the event of a natural disaster? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we need to talk. My passion is to bring awareness and prepare you for the inevitable.


S.T.L. Emergency Skills Training is here to assist you in every way we can. Business, Family & Community!


Queen Malik,

Your Trusted Emergency Skills Instructor ♥️


Email: queen@stlemergencytraining.com