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Our Founder and Chief Instructor of S.T.L. Emergency Skills Training Queen Malik, has set forth in pursuing a collaborative goal for the 2020 school year with local school districts and their schools with Mission 2020.


Mission 2020 efforts insists on assisting local schools in training students, staff, coaches and even parents to get CPR Certified, which inturns creates more community rescuers.
We see it in the news far too often: A student is at football practice, playing basketball, cheerleading/dance practice or just walking to class when he/she suddenly collapses and dies from sudden cardiac arrest. When a tragedy like this happens, people often think there’s nothing they can do. But there is: Immediate treatment—before paramedics arrive—with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, and an automated external defibrillator, or AED, gives the victim the best chance at life. 
Schools exist for the purpose of preparing young people for life. Doesn’t it make sense that schools themselves should be prepared to save a life? 
#GetTrained or #SaveALife at School is more than just our company hashtags of bringing awareness. It represents our message to schools nationwide: That you have the power— and the moral responsibility—to protect the lives of your students, your faculty members, your coaches, your staff and your visitors. With simple preparation, you can save a life at school. This letter will catapult you into a mission to help schools prepare to save lives. Our efforts in equipping student, staff, coaches and the community will save many lives. 
Implementing a CPR training program at your school isn’t difficult, but it does take work and S.T.L. Emergency Skills Training makes it easier for you with useful information from successful school programs and assisting your school in creating plans to put in place in case of these types of emergencies.  Why wait for a tragedy? Implement our CPR training  program at your school now. You may just save a life, better yet, by teaching students lifesaving skills, you’ll help build a generation of citizens who are ready, willing and able to help whenever this skill is needed. 

If this program will benefit your students, staff and district please contact us at 1-888-491-1277 or email admin@stlemergency to schedule a presentation for this upcoming 2020 planning to incorporate a program for your school district and/or school.

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