Set up a first aid club at your school

All the information you need to set up your own school first aid club.

The goals of the program are to increase community safety by training high school students to recognize and respond to emergencies that take place at their school.  These students then become part of the chain of survival as first responders.


Getting started
Setting up a school first aid club is a great way for students and even staff to come together to raise awareness of the importance of first aid and learn life saving skills.

Establish a purpose for your first aid club
Establishing a purpose for your club will help with getting people involved. Here are some questions to get you thinking:

• What do you want your club to achieve?
• What will be the benefits of your club to students, staff, and the school?
• How does the club fit in with your school's priorities?


The benefits of setting up a first aid club:
• Both students and staff can learn life saving skills.
• It's a great way for students to develop leadership and teamwork skills.
• It can bring together staff who wouldn't usually work together.
• You can mould your activities to suit your students and staff.

• Get AHA FA/CPR/AED Certified
• Learn Emergency Preparedness
• Learn Life Saving Skills
• Become A Community Advocate
• First Aid Club T-Shirts
• Earn Honor Cord(s) for Graduation (Award Medals are given with completing volunteering hours with S.T.L Emergency Skills Training)

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